Siren, Nero D'Avola

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Siren, Nero D'Avola


Siren is the most elusive and seductive of our wines. Grown in the closest region to the ocean, the wine has a salt-kissed palate melded with beautiful cherry aromas and kept fresh by acidity. Nero d'Avola translates into "black of Avola", Avola being a town on the south east coast of Sicily, so it's a variety that's been forged in the most Mediterranean of climates. Due to Nero d'Avola’s natural acidity, we showcase a lighter side to this variety, choosing employ all the techniques of Pinot Noir production.


Deep violet.


Lavender, cherries and raspberries. A little whiff of flint.


Beeswax, dark cherries and chocolate. Bright and fresh acidity, delicate structure and a hint of salinity.

Food suggestions

Red meat, lamb kangourou and venison.


Up to 10 years.

29.00 CHF