Apostle, Shiraz, Grenahce, Carignan

Alpha Box And Dice

Apostle, Shiraz, Grenahce, Carignan


Hark! The 2018 Apostle heralds change, and that change is Mclaren Vale leaning away from Shiraz as it's poster child. You heard it here first. Our 2018 Apostle remains a blend, however we see Grenache and Carignan ascend to soften and enhance the final result, creating a blend that's punchy, approachable and delicious. Each variety was vinified separately, aged separately then blended prior to bottling, as the blend revealed itself to us as the most beautiful expression of these wines from the cellar. Dark fruits, heaps of spice and a rustic mouthfeel, the Apostle delivers everything Mclaren Vale; past, present and future.


Dark rubis.


Brambly berries up front that gives way to spicier elements and finishing with some brighter cherry like fruits.


Full bodied weight with a roundness to it that draws out into a fresher finish thanks to the bright acidity. Plenty of tannins although they're soft and chalky and thoroughly enjoyable.

Food suggestions

Barbecue'd meats, Eggplant parmigiana.


Up to 10 years.

18.00 CHF