Hundred Tree Hill, Shiraz

Redbank Winery

Pyrenees and Redbank, Victoia, Australia

Liebich, Merlot


Hundred Tree Hill wines are grown and made at Redbank in the Pyrenees region of South Eastern Australia. The unique combination of soil type, climate characteristics and cool climate viticulture produce low yield grapes of high intensity, colour and flavour in the classic Pyrenees style. The goal of the winemaker Robb Neill is to produce small batch, high quality, handmade wine.


Deep violet.


A characteristic Pyrenees Shiraz showing aromas of wild cherry, licorice and chocolate mint.


A lovely dense, rich palate that has typical varietal flavours of plums and black pepper married together with nice oak spice which gives a well balanced, lingering finish. A savoury wine that is soft and very approachable.

Food suggestions

Lamb, grilled beef and stew.


3 to 8 years.

30.00 CHF